iStretch® Alpha Development Kit

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iStretch® Alpha Development Kit

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Select your Choice of a 4ft or 10ft iStretch® Alpha Development Kit: 

Each kit is designed to introduce you to iStretch® cables and their amazing performance capabilities. 

iStretch® cable designs are endless, but we included several of the most sought after cables. Each kit includes 6 different designs with one end clamped, stripped and tined.  

P/N I2159K 4ft iStretch® Alpha Development Kit: $149.95

P/N I2158K 10ft iStretch® Alpha Development Kit: $249.95

The Kit includes samples of the follow cables:

  • 1C-26-0-U-N:  1/C 26AWG iStretch® cable in black

  • 2/C-26-0-U-N: 2/C 26AWG iStretch® cable in black

  • 3/C-26-0-U-N: 3/C 26AWG iStretch® cable in black

  • 2C-26-9-U-Y:  2/C 26AWG iStretch® cable in white with strength member

  • 5C-28-5-S-N:  5/C 28AWG iStretch® cable in green with shielding

  • 3C-40HPN-BR0-U-Y:  3/C 40 AWG braided cloth covered  iStretch® in black with strength member.

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